Complementarity with other Research Programmes

For individual aspects of this Action, links and complementarity to specific European research projects exist:

  • In the projects such as UVICOLS, PLASMA 09, OPTITUNE, OPTICAL DIAGNOSTICS, and SMPFL in the EUREKA! Scheme, concrete technological developments are targeted, which will be useful for the field of nanospectroscopy.

  • Individual research projects using nanospectroscopy are funded by the FP 7 scheme (NANO-VISTA, SMW, STED-FCS), which however target specific scientific questions rather than the networking aspect of the present COST Action.

  • COST Action CM1006 EUFEN uses spectroscopy amongst other techniques to investigate f-elements and may therefore profit from the present Action.

  • Cost Action MP1204 Tear-MIR Radiation is complementary in the sense that it explores the THz-MIR frequency range.

  • COST Action MP1102 microCOR complementarily pursues imaging with a specific coherent Raman microscopy approach.