Target Groups and End Users

Academia: Knowledge on technical issues, basic science, energy aspects, material properties, and physico- chemical effects at the nanoscale will be increased. By dissemination and training, a new generation of academics is instructed. Both established and junior researchers were involved in preparing the Action.

Industry: Connections between academia and industry will be strengthened for instrument development, training, and wider applications (e.g. development of turn-key nanospectroscopy techniques), with the possible creation of spin-off companies. An R&D institute was involved in preparing this Action.

Interested general public: The knowledge obtained in the context of this COST Action will be disseminated through a dedicated website, talks at international conferences, and a coherent textbook on nanospectroscopy.

Long-term societal benefit: This Action will pave the way towards improvements in areas of strong societal impact, such as energy efficiency, materials and medical development, or light-to-energy-conversion, and increase general knowledge on topics of broad interest like the basic processes of life.