Coordination and Organisation

The COST Action NanoSpectroscopy is chaired by an Action Chair and a Vice Action Chair. It is represented by the Management Committee according to the Rules and Procedures for Implementing COST Actions. Each participating institution should name one Representative to the Action Chairs as their contact person. The Action will be actively advertised. Apart from Management, four Working Groups will be set up to address the areas "System design and nanofabrication", "Physical processes and modelling", "Improvement of spectroscopic techniques" and "Preparation of a textbook".

The individual research activities and projects within COST NanoSpectroscopy will be initialized, defined, funded and organized by the participating scientific groups/countries. COST NanoSpectroscopy will promote and coordinate the networking and dissemination activities and communication between the Participants. Research links and new project ideas across the different techniques, materials, applications, and countries will be established within the WGs. For each of the WGs, one WG Leader and one Vice WG Leader will be elected by the MC. Each Participant should indicate his/her participation in one or more WGs.

As milestones of COST NanoSpectroscopy, annual workshops will be organized where new scientific results and directions will be discussed. A database of European nanospectroscopy activities will be established, an Action list of current issues in nanospectroscopy instrumentation development will be compiled, and a coherent textbook on nanospectroscopy will be published. In terms of materials, the Action expects to develop improved techniques for the fabrication of nanostructures and position-controlled integration of individual optically-active species (quantum dots, molecules, core-shell nanocrystals, di- and oligomers, etc.). The efforts in theoretical modelling aim to establish new toolboxes for the understanding of energy flow at the nanoscale, usable not only by theorists but also by experimentalists. The targeted refinement of nanospectroscopic techniques and near-field probes, honed by investigations of the aforementioned novel nanomaterials, can be expected to make spectroscopic techniques with ultra-high spatio-temporal resolution available to a greater number of partners in academia and industry. A dedicated website will be set up for the COST Action NanoSpectroscopy. The contents will be updated at least once every three months to include a current list of the Participants, references to new publications by the Participants, short articles, announcements of upcoming COST activities, and links to information for the general public.

The annual NanoSpectroscopy workshop will be scheduled to take place in a different country each year. For this purpose, national teams will be appointed to be in charge of local organization. For practical purposes, some single-day hands-on training courses and industry dialogue meetings may be mostly targeted but not restricted to researchers within a certain travelling radius. Reports of these activities will however be posted on the COST NanoSpectroscopy website.