Working Groups

The Working Group 0 - "Management" stays connected with the Participants of the Action with respect to all scientific and networking activities via the National Representatives in the MC, the WG Leaders, the Contact Persons of the participating institutions, and the Action Chairs’ mailing list. Management includes soliciting new participants, interacting with industry, decisions on and allocation of funds, coordination of dissemination activities, and coordination of the networking activities.

For the Working Groups 1 - "System design and nanofabrication", 2 - "Physical processes and modelling", 3 - "Improving spectroscopic techniques", and 4 - "Preparation of a coherent textbook on optical nanospectroscopy", one WG Leader and one Vice WG Leader each will be elected by the MC. They will streamline the scientific research of the WGs, distribute appropriate calls for research proposals, and annually give progress reports on the WG results to the MC and Action Chairs for dissemination. Where appropriate, the WG Leaders may schedule individual WG meetings. Each Participant of the Action will indicate his or her affiliation with one or more of the WGs to the Action Chairs.