Gender Balance and Involvement of Early-Stage Researchers

This COST Action will respect an appropriate gender balance and considerable involvement of early stage researchers (ESR) in all its activities and the Management Committee (MC) will place this as a standard item on all its MC agendas. Particular care will be taken to personally address and actively recruit female scientists and ESRs. For this purpose, suggestions will be collected from the existing Participants, and the speaker lists of conferences and workshops on nanospectroscopy-related topics will be consulted. Gender balance and the involvement of ESRs will be taken into account during the planning of networking activities such as the annual NanoSpectroscopy workshop, and external speakers may be addressed to extend the scope of the COST workshop. Training courses will specifically address ESRs. In workshops organized by ESRs for ESRs, they will have full control over the contents of the activity and the additional benefit of a strong learning experience involving organizational soft skills. The distribution of funds will be monitored to ensure that ESRs benefit in particular from the networking activities and Short-Term Scientific Missions, and that no gender bias becomes evident in the distribution.