Participants in Croatia


Dr Mile Ivanda is the Head of the Molecular Physics Laboratory at the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb. The laboratory's main research interests are silicon hybrid nanostructures for gas sensing, silicon hybrid organic infrared light sensors, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) sensor and its applications in food technology, silicon hybrid optical micro-resonators for molecular sensing, novel ceramics and multiferroics, molecular systems and nanostructures - vibrational characterizations and computational analysis, and laser interactions and self organizational processes.

The laboratory's facilities for fabrication, microscopy and spectroscopy include: and LPCVD system for deposition thin amorphous/polycrystalline silicon films, a CVD system for deposition of thin metal oxide films, e-beam evaporators for deposition of metallic films, a diffusion oven with 3 reactors – SiO2 thin films by wet oxidation, a Raman spectrometer Jobin Yvon T64000 with an INNOVA 400 argon laser, an elipsometer Rudolph Auto EL IV (thickness and dielectric constant), and X-ray diffractometer for thin films Siemens D 5000, micro-Raman measurements mapping equipped with Linkham THMS 600 heating and cooling stage (temperatures 77-900K), a scanning electron microscope JEOL T300, magnetron sputtering - Polaron E 5000, cryostat with closed cycle of helium (10-300K), cryostat with nitrogen (70-650 K), oven for high temperature "in situ" measurements (300-1600 K), oven for sintering and thermal annealing (300-1200 K), optical microscopes Olympus BH, four point probe for resistance measurements, a bonder for aluminum and gold wires, Carl Zeiss interferometer microscopes for the thickness measurements.