Participants in Finland


The Nonlinear Optics Group at Tampere University of Technology has long experience on the nonlinear optical properties of surfaces, thin films, and nanostructures. The focus has been on second-order nonlinear properties, which are characterized in detail by polarization-dependent second-harmonic generation. We are presently adapting the techniques to nonlinear microscopy, other nonlinear processes and for individual nano-objects. In order to do this, we develop techniques for the control of the three-dimensional vectorial field in the focal volume of a high numerical aperture objective. We are also interested in the separation of the various multipolar (dipolar, magnetic, quadrupolar) contributions to the nonlinear response and the coupling of light to the desired multipolar modes of nanoparticles.

Our laboratory is well-equipped with several laser sources and other instruments and is being further upgraded during 2014-15. We collaborate with several other groups on nanofabrication. For further information, please contact Prof. Martti Kauranen.