Participants in Israel


The Nanophotonics of Quantum Structures Group at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Our general research interest is of physics on the nanoscale. We are actively exploring the physics of semiconductor nanostructures, and in particular are studying collective quantum phenomena in low dimensional nano-structures as well as light matter interaction in nano-photonic and nano-plasmonic hybrid devices. Our interests range from the fundamental understanding of new physical systems and effects, to new concepts of photonic devices for possible future real-life applications.

Main Research directions:

  • Excitonic-based quantum fluids: physics and devices
  • Active subwavelength hybrid nanophotonic devices: single photon sources and nonlinear light converters
  • Exciton polariton Physics in semiconductor waveguides: nonlinear nano-optical devices with mixed light-matter excitations

Technical expertise:

  • A pico- and nano-second time resolved spatial imaging and spectroscopy, which allow us to follow system dynamics on different timescales.
  • We also have a developed angular-resolved (k-space) spectroscopy system that allows us to map the angular response of nano-optical devices in both transmission, reflection, and emission modes, and at a wide range of wavelengths from the visible to the near-IR (telecom) spectral range.
  • Single photon spectroscopy and microscopy at both the visible and near-IR (telecom) spectral range.
  • All the experiments can be performed from room to sub-Kelvin temperature range.
  • Developed various nanofabrication techniques for device preparation,
    including optical and laser lithography, multi-layer e-beam lithography-based fabrication with e-beam thermal evaporation of metals and dielectrics.

For further information, please contact Prof. Ronen Rapaport.