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Important notice

For the success of this COST Action, please remember to acknowledge the Action in any new publications by Working Group Members in the field of Optical Nanospectroscopy, in particular any collaboration with other Action Members or results of Short-Term Scientific Missions.

Please send a reference to the publication to COSTaction-nanospectroscopy ♦ ifap.uni-tuebingen • de for reporting and dissemination through the newsletter.

Sample Acknowledgments:

  • without funding through COST (no STSM): "This work was performed in the context of the European COST Action MP1302 Nanospectroscopy."
  • with funding through COST (STSM): "Financial support by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology through COST Action MP1302 Nanospectroscopy is gratefully acknowledged."

COST Member Publications

Member publications explicitly acknowledging this COST Action are identified as "(MP1302)".


  1. J. Prinz, B. Schreiber, L. Olejko, J. Oertel, J. Rackwitz, A. Keller, and I. Bald
    "DNA Origami Substrates for Highly Sensitive Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering"
    J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 4 (2013) 4140 – 4145


  1. U.C. Fischer, C. Hentschel, F. Fontein, L. Stegemann, C. Hoeppener, H. Fuchs, and S. Hoeppener
    "Near-field photochemical and radiation-induced chemical fabrication of nanopatterns of a self-assembled silane monolayer"
    Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 5 (2014) 1441 – 1449 (MP1302)
  2. P. Reichenbach, A. Horneber, D.A. Gollmer, A. Hille, J. Mihaljevic, C. Schäfer, D.P. Kern, A.J. Meixner, D. Zhang, M. Fleischer, and L.M. Eng
    "Nonlinear optical point light sources through field enhancement at metallic nanocones"
    Opt. Express 22 (2014) 15484 – 15501
  3. S. Broillet, A. Sato, S. Geissbuehler, C. Pache, A. Bouwens, T. Lasser, M. Leutenegger
    "Optical coherence correlation spectroscopy (OCCS)"
    Opt. Express 22 (2014) 782 – 802
  4. S. Broillet, D. Szlag, A. Bouwens, L. Maurizi, H. Hofmann, T. Lasser, and M. Leutenegger
    "Visible light optical coherence correlation spectroscopy"
    Opt. Express 22 (2014) 21944 – 21957 (MP1302)
  5. A. Tittl , M.G. Harats , R. Walter , X. Yin , M. Schäferling , L. Na Liu , R. Rapaport, and H. Giessen
    "Quantitative Angle-Resolved Small-Spot Reflectance Measurements on Plasmonic Perfect Absorbers: Impedance Matching and Disorder Effects"
    ACS Nano 8 (2014) 10885 – 10892 (MP1302)
  6. M.G. Harats, N. Livneh, G. Zaiats, S. Yochelis, Y. Paltiel, E. Lifshitz, and R. Rapaport
    "Full Spectral and Angular Characterization of Highly Directional Emission from Nanocrystal Quantum Dots Positioned on Circular Plasmonic Lenses"
    Nano Lett. 14 (2014) 5766 – 5771
  7. B. Laban, V. Vodnik, M. Dramicanin, M. Novakovic, N. Bibic, S. Sovilj, and V. Vasic
    "Mechanism and kinetics of J-aggregation of thiacyanine dye in the presence of silver nanoparticles"
    J. Phys. Chem. C 118 (2014) 23393 – 23401 (MP1302)
  8. T. Brulé, H. Yockell-Lelieèvre, A. Bouhélier, J. Margueritat, L. Markey, A. Leray, A. Dereux, and E. Finot
    "Sorting of Enhanced Reference Raman Spectra of a Single Amino Acid Molecule"
    J. Phys. Chem. C 118 (2014) 17975 – 17982 (MP1302)
  9. Y. Tian, P. Navarro, and M. Orrit
    "Single Molecule as a Local Acoustic Detector for Mechanical Oscillators"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 113 (2014) 135505
  10. D. Lis and F. Checchet
    "Localized surface plasmon resonances in nanostructures to enhance nonlinear vibrational spectroscopies: towards an astonishing molecular sensitivity"
    Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 5 (2014) 2275 – 2292 (MP1302)
  11. E. Ostertag, A. Lorenz, K. Rebner, R.W. Kessler,  and A.J. Meixner
    "Extension of solid immersion lens technology to super-resolution Raman microscopy"
    Nanospectroscopy 1 (2014) 1 – 11
  12. K.B. Mogensen, M. Gühlke, J. Kneipp, S. Kadkhodazadeh, J.B. Wagner, M. Espina Palanco, H. Kneipp, and K. Kneipp
    "Surface enhanced Raman scattering on aluminum using near infrared and visible excitation"
    Chem. Commun. 50 (2014) 3744 – 3746
  13. S. Kadkhodazadeh, J. R. de Lasson, M. Beleggia, H. Kneipp, J. B. Wagner, and K. Kneipp
    "Scaling of the Surface Plasmon Resonance in Gold and Silver Dimers Probed by EELS"
    J. Phys. Chem. C 118 (2014) 5478 – 5485
  14. K.B. Mogensen and K. Kneipp
    "Size-dependent Shifts of Plasmon Resonance in Silver Nanoparticle Films Using Controlled Dissolution: Monitoring the Onset of Surface Screening Effects"
    J. Phys. Chem. C 118 (2014) 28075 – 28083 (MP1302)
  15. Y. Ozaki, K. Kneipp, and R. Aroca (Eds.)
    "Frontiers of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering: Single Nanoparticles and Single Cells"
    ISBN: 978-1-118-35902-0 (2014, John Wiley & Sons)
  16. L. Mikac, M. Ivanda, M. Gotic, T. Mihelj, L. Horvat
    "Synthesis and characterization of silver colloidal nanoparticles with different coatings for SERS application"
    J. Nanopart. Res. 16 (2014) 2748 – 2761 (MP1302)
  17. G. Bautista, S.G. Pfisterer, M.J. Huttunen, S. Ranjan, K. Kanerva, E. Ikonen, and M. Kauranen
    "Polarized THG Microscopy Identifies Compositionally Different Lipid Droplets in Mammalian Cells"
    Biophys. J. 107 (2014) 2230 – 2236 (MP1302)
  18. L. Naskali, M.J. Huttunen, M. Virkki, G. Bautista, A. Dér, and M. Kauranen
    "Microscopic Determination of Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Susceptibility Tensors"
    J. Phys. Chem. C 118 (2014) 26409 – 26414 (MP1302)
  19. P. Kunwar, J. Hassinen, G. Bautista, R.H.A. Ras, and J. Toivonen
    "Direct Laser Writing of Photostable Fluorescent Silver Nanoclusters in Polymer Films"
    ACS Nano 8 (2014) 11165 – 11171 (MP1302)
  20. S. Sönmezoglu and E. Akman
    "Improvement of physical properties of ZnO thin films by tellurium doping"
    Appl. Surf. Sci. 318 (2014) 319 – 323 (MP1302)
  21. C. Gadermaier, V.V. Kabanov, A.S. Alexandrov, L. Stojchevska, T. Mertelj, C. Manzoni, G. Cerullo, N.D. Zhigadlo, J. Karpinski, Y.Q. Cai, X. Yao, Y. Toda, M. Oda, S. Sugai, and D. Mihailovic
    "Strain-Induced Enhancement of the Electron Energy Relaxation in Strongly Correlated Superconductors"
    Phys. Rev. X 4 (2014) 011056


  1. C. Schäfer, D.P. Kern, and M. Fleischer
    "Capturing molecules wih plasmonic nanotips in microfluidic channels by dielectrophoresis"
    Lab Chip 15 (2015) 1066 – 1071 (MP1302)
  2. J. Houel, Q.T. Doan, T. Cajgfinger, G. Ledoux, D. Amans, A. Aubret, A. Dominjon, S. Ferriol, R. Barbier, M. Nasilowski, E. Lhuillier, B. Dubertret, C. Dujardin, and F. Kulzer
    "Autocorrelation Analysis for the Unbiased Determination of Power-Law Exponents in Single-Quantum-Dot Blinking"
    ACS Nano 9 (2015) 886 – 893 (MP1302)
  3. S.M. Teichmann, P. Rácz, M.F. Ciappina, J.A. Pérez-Hernández, A. Thai, J. Fekete, A.Y. Elezzabi, L. Veisz, J. Biegert, and P. Dombi
    "Strong-field plasmonic photoemission in the mid-IR at <1 GW/cm2 intensity"
    Sci. Rep. 5 (2015) 7584 (MP1302)
  4. G. Bautista, J. Mäkitalo, Y. Chen, V. Dhaka, M. Grasso, L. Karvonen, H. Jiang, M.J. Huttunen, T. Huhtio, H. Lipsanen, and M. Kauranen
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    Nano Lett. 15 (2015) 1564 – 1569 (MP1302)
  5. M.J. Huttunen, M. Partanen, G. Bautista, S.-W. Chu, and M. Kauranen
    "Nonlinear optical activity effects in complex anisotropic three-dimensional media"
    Opt. Mater. Express 5 (2014) 11 – 21 (MP1302)
  6. J. A. Hyllested, M. Espina Palanco, N. Hagen, K. B. Mogensen, and K. Kneipp
    "Green preparation and spectroscopic characterization of plasmonic silver nanoparticles using fruits as reducing agents"
    Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 6 (2015) 293 – 299 (MP1302)
  7. K. Kneipp, H. Kneipp, and J. Kneipp
    "Probing plasmonic nanostructures by photons and electrons"
    Chem. Sci. 6 (2015) 2721 – 2726 (MP1302)
  8. K. Jia,  P.M. Adam, R.S. Marks, and R.E. Ionescu
    "Fixed Escherichia coli bacterial templates enable the production of sensitive SERS-based gold nanostructures"
    Sens. Actuator B-Chem. 211 (2015) 213 – 219 (MP1302)
  9. E. Messina, M.G. Donato, M. Zimbone, R. Saija, M. A. Iatì, L. Calcagno, M.E. Fragalà, G. Compagnini, C. D'Andrea, A. Foti, P.G. Gucciardi, and O.M. Maragò
    "Optical trapping of silver nanoplatelets"
    Opt. Express 23 (2015) 8720 – 8730 (MP1302)
  10. A.A.R. Neves, P.H. Jones, L. Luo, and O.M. Maragò
    "Focus issue introduction: optical cooling and trapping"
    Opt. Express 23 (2015) 9917 – 9923 (MP1302)
  11. J. Kalbacova, R.D. Rodriguez, V. Desale, M. Schneider, I. Amin, R. Jordan, and D.R.T. Zahn
    "Chemical stability of plasmon-active silver tips for tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy"
    Nanospectroscopy 1 (2015) 12 – 18 (MP1302)
  12. V. Merk, A. Nerz, S. Fredrich, U. Gernert, S. Selve, and J. Kneipp
    "Optical properties of silver nanocube surfaces obtained by silane immobilization"
    Nanospectroscopy 1 (2015) 19 – 25 (MP1302)
  13. A. Foti, C. D'Andrea, E. Messina, A. Irrera, O.M. Maragò, B. Fazio, and P.G. Gucciardi
    "On the SERS depolarization ratio"
    Nanospectroscopy 1 (2015) 26 – 32 (MP1302)
  14. R. Caputo, G. Palermo, M. Infusino, and L. De Sio
    "Liquid Crystals as an Active Medium: Novel Possibilities in Plasmonics"
    Nanospectroscopy 1 (2015) 40 – 53 (MP1302)
  15. O. Tanirah, D.P. Kern, and M. Fleischer
    "Fabrication of a plasmonic nanocone on top of an AFM cantilever"
    Microelectron. Eng. 141 (2015) 215 – 218 (MP1302)
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    ACS Photonics 2 (2015) 521 – 529 (MP1302)
  17. R.D. Rodriguez, E. Sheremet, T. Deckert-Gaudig, C. Chaneac, M. Hietschold, V. Deckert, and D.R.T. Zahn
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    Nanoscale 7 (2015) 9545 – 9551 (MP1302)
  18. E. Sheremet, A.G. Milekhin, R.D. Rodriguez, T. Weiss, M. Nesterov, E.E. Rodyakina, O.D. Gordan, L.L. Sveshnikova, T.A. Duda, V.A. Gridchin, V.M. Dzhagan, M. Hietscholdf, and D.R.T. Zahn
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    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 17 (2015) 21198 – 21203 (MP1302)
  19. M. D'Acunto, A. Cricenti, M. Luce, S. Dinarelli
    "Theory of near-field detection of core-gold nanoshells inside biosystems"
    Comput. Model. New Technol. 19 (2015) 29 – 34 (MP1302)
  20. I. Kaminska, T. Maurer, R. Nicolas, M. Renault, T. Lerond, R. Salas-Montiel, Z. Herro, M. Kazan, J. Niedziolka-Jönsson, J. Plain, P.-M. Adam, R. Boukherroub, and S. Szunerits
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    J. Phys. Chem. C 119 (2015) 9470 – 9476 (MP1302)
  21. A. Rogov, Y. Mugnier, and L. Bonacina
    "Harmonic nanoparticles: noncentrosymmetric metal oxides for nonlinear optics"
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    Nat. Nanotechnol. 10 (2015) 412 – 417 arXiv:1412.0698 (MP1302)
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    Sens. Actuator B-Chem. 223 (2016) 295 – 300 (MP1302)
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