Participants in Serbia


The research interests of the participating groups at the Department of Physical Chemistry and the Department of Radiation Chemistry and Physics of Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade, include the development of nanomaterials for optical and biological-related applications (metal nanoparticles as antimicrobial agents, novel hybrid nanocomposites with enhanced antimicrobial response, optical and thermal properties of polymer-based composites containing metal nanoparticles), the interaction of specifically-designed organic fluorescent dyes with Au/Ag nanoparticles (kinetics and mechanism ofJ-aggregation of cyanine dyes on Au and Ag NPs), and the interaction of NPs with enzymes and NP-cytotoxicity.

The available facilities include UV/VIS spectrophotometry (190 - 1100 nm, dead time 20 ms, 25 ml flow cell) and fluorescence spectroscopy, a Zeta-sizerNano (633 nm, with autotitrator), an FTIR Spectrometer (attenuated total reflection accessory, diamond tip), atomic force microcopy (AFM tip radius < 10 nm), an ultra-performance liquid chromatography system (quaternary pump, multichannel degassing system, autosampler), a sterile room, MALDI-TOF and ICP mass spectrometry, and a potentiostat/­galvanostat.

Please contact Dr Vesna Vasic and Dr Vesna Vodnik for further information.