Short-Term Scientific Missions - 2017


Host group



Tamara Lazarevic-Pasti, Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia

Ivan Scheblykin, Lund University, Sweden

Study of interaction between TC dye with silver and gold nanoparticles using fluorescence microscopy and single particle spectroscopy


Tim Schmitz, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

David Amans, Institut Luminiere Matiere, France

Investigation of cavitation bubble dynamics during nanoparticle synthesis by pulsed laser ablation in viscous media


Diana Harea, Academy of Sciences Moldova, Moldova

Vladimir Sedlarik, University Tomas Bata, Czech Republic

Spectroscopic study of composition of non-curable ferromagnetic nanocomposite material and the changes induced by UV irradiation


Vesna Vasic, Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia

Mile Ivanda, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, HR

Application of SERS method for fast and sensitive detection of some organophosphate pesticides


Enrico Rossi, Universita degli Studi di Padova, Italy

Jeremy Butet, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Investigation of surface plasmon resonnces in magnetic plasmonic nanoalloys by electron energy loss spectroscopy


Elena Giusto, University College London, UK

Antonio Cricenti, ISM-CNR Rome, Italy

AFM and Raman spectroscopy to characterize TiO2 nanotube samples


Claudio Larosa, University of Genoa, Italy

Jelena Butikova, Institute of Solid State of Riga, Latvia

Raman spectroscopy characterization on polycarbonate/composites films


Gagik Shmavonyan, State Engineering University of Armenia, Armenia

Polycarpos Falaras, Intitute of Nanoscience Athens, Greece

Graphene perovskite solar cells


Aleksandra Bondzic, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca, Serbia

Antonio Cricenti, Istituto di Struttura della Materia Rome, Italy

AFM imaging Na/K-ATPase from synaptosomal membrane and potential antitumor gold(III) complexes


Mirjana Colovi, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca, Serbia

Antonio Cricenti, Istituto di Struttura della Materia Rome, Italy

Effect of polyoxometalates on membrane structure


Beatriz Barrocas, University of Lisboa, Portugal

Magdalena Skompska, University of Warsaw, Poland

Influence of the metal position on the properties of titanate nanotubular structures prepared by distinct approaches


Athanasia Pylostomou, IESL-Forth Crete, Greece

Ahmed Al-Kattan, Aix-Marseille University, France

Characterization of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles


Gwenaelle Lamri, University of Technology Troyes, France

Jana Nieder, INL Braga, Portugal

Time resolution spectroscopy of controlable hybrid nanosources


Dusan Milojkov, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Jana Nieder, INL Braga, Portugal

Analysis of the suitability of luminescent Pr3+ doped fluoroapatite nanoparticles as bioimaging contrast agents: cell toxicity and cell uptake studies


Lars Lüder, University of Tübingen, Germany

Ronen Rapaport, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Complex plasmonic antennas for efficient emission of single photons from nanocrystals quantum dots


Dijana Sejdinovic, International Burch University, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vesna Vasic, Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia

Study of the mechanism of J-aggregation of 5,5'-disulfopropyl-3,3'-dichlorothiacyanine dye on the surface of silver nanoparticles