Training School on Multi-Dimensional Spectroscopy

A joint Training School on the topic of multi-dimensional spectroscopy will be held together with COST Action MP1403 Nanoscale Quantum Optics.

Location: Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Prospective dates: September 4-7, 2017

Contact: Prof. Tomas Mancal, Institute of Physics, Charles University in Prague, mancal ♦ karlov.mff.cuni • cz

About 20 Trainees in total, preferably Early Stage Researchers, from both COST Actions MP1302 and MP1403 can be accepted.

Participation is free of charge, limited fixed travel supports of 250 Euro will be available through COST.


For the Event Website, please go to:

To register, please fill in the Registration Form and send it to Hana Roubícková (roubickova ♦ karlov.mff.cuni • cz)

Preliminary deadline: August 1, 2017


Scope and tentative program:

The training school will take place in the historic building of the Institute of Physics of Charles University, which hosts lecture rooms and laboratory space utilized during the school.

The training school is proposed to take four days in which participants of both experimental and theoretical specialization should learn the basics of experimental and theoretical aspects of multi-dimensional coherent electronic spectroscopy. The training school consists mainly of intensive lectures delivered by specialists in the field. Some hands-on sessions in the laboratory of two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy will be provided to participants with experimental specialization, practical course of simulation of multi-dimensional spectra with a specialized software package will also be given to a more theoretically oriented participants.

Two morning and one to two afternoon lectures with the duration of 90 minutes are expected for each day. The third day of the school is scheduled as the hands-on activity day. On one or two evenings, space will be provided for poster sessions of the participants.

To support networking, social events such as a conference dinner and a sightseeing tour through science related historical places in Prague, will be organized as an integral part of the training school.


Day 1

  • Morning lecture 1: Spectroscopy of molecular systems and solids: phenomenological overview
  • Morning lecture 2: Pre-spectroscopy on closed molecular systems: theoretical introduction
  • Lunch
  • Lab tours
  • Afternoon lecture: Excitons in molecular systems and solids


Day 2

  • Morning lecture 1: Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy I
  • Morning lecture 2: Elements of open quantum systems theory
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon lecture 1: Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy II
  • Afternoon lecture 2: Introduction to perturbative description of non-linear spectroscopy
  • Training School Dinner


Day 3

  • Hands-on training in laboratory / computer rooms (groups A and B)
  • Lunch
  • Hands-on training in laboratory / computer rooms (groups C and D)
  • Poster session


Day 4

  • Morning lecture 1: Theory of 2D simulations based on density matrix propagation
  • Morning lecture 2: Theory of perturbative simulations on 2D spectra
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon lecture 1: Advanced theory of 2D electronic spectroscopy
  • Afternoon lecture 2: New directions in multi-dimensional spectroscopy